In the round white cube

federico-luger-205 copyIn 1982 Gabriele Di Matteo (an artist I represent) visited the Centre Pompidou in Paris. One

afternoon, he saw Jackson Pollock's exhibition and his life changed...because that afternoon he decided that he was going to be an artist.

The same year, Gabriel Orozco visited also the Centre Pompidou and, according to what he tells in an interview with Hans-Ulrich Obrist, that visit triggered in his mind a series of reflections that helped him to develop his work.

What I did (with my piece) was to create a point of reference: I invented a moment in which both "Gabriel" came across each other at the Centre Pompidou. I imagined them walking around and thinking, living, feeling the strong emotion provoked by the experience that changed their lives. And I put a white spot on the floor.

The white spot becomes a sort of road sign, a warning that helps you to remember that there are moments of inspiration and valuable ideas that you have to recognize and follow. It is where hypostasis manifests. That spot directly links to Plato's conception of oneness...

I found my white spot in those blank labels used to categorize CDs. It is the residue, what is discarded, even if for me it is a metaphor of the information that is not recorded nor catalogued, a sort of void that many people experiment, and even deny. The interesting thing about this spot is that it is possible to find it in any part of the world, it is a global ready-made. It doesn't need distribution, because it is already distributed in every stationary store. Anyone can buy a blank label for a CD, stick the white spot wherever they want and declare it a symbol.

I conquered my moment of inspiration while painting, the experience of working with colours and brushes gives me enormous pleasure, a joy that other things fail to awake in me.

Once I finish a work and the paint dries up, I pack it with wrapping paper. That paper gives the impression that the work is about to be delivered somewhere. That journey happens only metaphorically, when I stick the white spot. It is only then that the package becomes a package that is ready to travel.

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